Sunday, July 18, 2010


I really do not even understand the CONCEPT of ironing.
Daughter #3 and I are driving NINE hours to an Adam Lambert concert tomorrow. A have a white dress that, well first... I HAVE THESE GREAT BOOTS I ordered months ago for this event. Then came the problem of finding something to go with them. I spent hours surfing the net trying to find anything to go with the boots! The first dress I ordered was a COMPLETE DISASTER. I threw it away immediately upon arrival. The next dress was from Victoria's Secret. It looked great in the catalog. After many "ordering issues", it finally came. It was either a man's button up, or a bad nurse uniform. Too much money already spent-- I needed to make this work. After a hurried and harried trip to the mall after much travelling today...back and forth to see my sick daddy...(he is doing MUCH better now!!) we found the finishing touches. It is not so "nursey" now. ANYWAY, after trying it on so many times...and hauling it back and forth to the cabin to show my family the whole "look", I decided it needed to be ironed for Adam. Wow. What a stupid, stupid thing ironing is. My mother always wondered how I could get away with never ironing anything for my husband or children...Easy, I just throw it back into the dryer if it is wrinkled. When ironing there are many problems: 1. Which part do you start with? And when you do figure that out, then you have to move the clothing...hence, wrinkling what you had just ironed. 2. If you are ironing a dress, half of it hangs down to the floor, and then you get pet hair stuck to your outfit. So the garment is just getting dirtier in the process. 3. Let's say you get it sort of "ironed-out", (no pun intended) then comes the day to wear it. Well you aren't going to WALK to your event. More than likely you will be driving. So there you are sitting all over your freshly ironed outfit. It's probably hot because you always sweat when you are going somewhere important. You are wrinkled before you even get there. SO WHAT IS THE POINT--I ask you?!

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  1. You are too cute!! I think I start with the sleeves.... And their better not be ANY pet hair on my clothes~ ;)