Thursday, July 22, 2010

I have had it!

After loading 2 college bound athletes, who have the longest legs in the world, 1 90lb. dog, luggage for all plus sleeping bags and pillows into my "toaster", as the group home kids call my car... I AM SICK OF DRIVING. I've probably gone 1500 miles or more this week going back and forth and back and forth. And it's all for my dog who is faking sick.

He did it again. This time we just arrived at the cabin (again) and Corduroy played for about 10 minutes, then sat by my car. When I opened the door to unload (AGAIN) he hopped in and WOULD NOT get out. This time he stayed in the car for 19 hours!

After spending the night in the car (even tho he was at his favorite place in the world) I was pretty sure he would come out to go potty in the morning. Nope. He shook and quivered and SNAPPED at my nephew. He would not come out. I thought he was dying or something. Needless to say, I loaded back up and drove the 3 1/2 hours back home to our vet.

Nothing is wrong. He faked it. No temp, did blood work, he has a little wax build up in his ear. WTH??????

Now I have to go back to the cabin tomorrow AGAIN. Have to. Cuz ALL of us are there. My 3 little sisters, all of our children etc. etc. and I am instructed to be there for a family picture.
Plus~ I didn't even say goodbye to anyone this morning. There are 21 of us there. So I just left after saying bye to my daddy.

And not many of them like our cute dog. GUESS WHO'S COMIN' BACK?!

See ya tomorrow.


  1. Keep it up Jenny, I'm enjoying your writings :)
    Love, your sis-in-law Patty

  2. OMG I Well Jim and I..... BTW.... We are friends of your mom and dad's "friends from IL" ... I hope you don't mind the intrusion on your thoughts ..... To Bad so Sad its on the internet so its fair game hahahahahahaha...... I have to tell you..... Ya Moms and dads having sex that is just GROSSSSSSSSSSS..... When i want to Gross my husband out I tell him his mom and dad still have sex hahahahahahaha I Imagine so do yours hahahahaha Ok I need to stop that Cuzz that's just TMI for me..... My original point was this... U CRACK me UP OMG I printed up the 409 story and Jim and I howled as we laid in bed reading your story... Yes we could find better things to do in bed but it was so stinking funny..... Your mom is going to Kill me ... However thr 409 story I can just see your mom doing that Cuzz I do the same thing Ohhh ya and the Vinegar hair OMG I Lost it...
    Keep it up.... Everyone needs a good laugh.... U R Awesome!!!! Linda Noord