Monday, November 1, 2010

The Suitcase

I am getting ready this week to take my daughter on a couple of college-visit trips out of state.  My grandmother gave me a nice set of luggage for my high school graduation, (ya...that was a few years ago)  so I dug my Samsonite out of the storage room (where the litter box is) and ugh...did the suitcase ever stink!  That made me sad;  I'm pretty sentimental about this suitcase. 

I washed the outside of it with soap and water, put it on the porch in the sun, and let it air out.  That didn't work.  Next, I took some Scentsy room spray and squirted the inside of the suitcase, set it back outside and let it dry again.  Well, by the next day, I think it smelled OK, but it left grease on the lining so now I'm afraid my clothes will get spotted.  (Scentsy room spray is not made for cloth!  I knew this)

There were some Top Ramen noodles in the bottom of the suitcase, not sure why, so I got out the Kirby and sucked them up.  Problem is, the lining got sucked up too.  Not a good scene.  This made me cry. ( I told you I am sentimental about this suitcase) The main reason I am sentimental over it is because it is from Grandmama.  Not to mention,there are MANY old "pieces" of tags hanging from handle. This piece of luggage has seen a lot of places.  On its last few trips, I wasn't sure it was gonna make it through the baggage-man-beating...being thrown into the cargo of a plane, so it has duct tape wrapped around and around it.

My hubby saw me crying and put his arms around me and said the right things.  He knew.  But then he whispered, "Daddy's Girl".  I'm like, "What?"  And he said, "Well, you know, the duct tape and everything."  Guess he has a point.

I decided to call my dad at this point.  He wasn't home, so I talked to my mom.  Of course, she didn't "get it".  (Sorry, no offense mom, really) She said, "Oh, I'm sorry it smells like cat pee".  Well, that wasn't the point at all.  So next she says, "Get a laundry basket, that's how I travel."  Oh, the ever practical mother.  No thanks...I am NOT using a laundry basket to travel. 

Next I called my Aunt Kathy.  I KNEW she would "get it."  She did.  I cried, and she said all the right things.  "Grandma would be proud of you...IS proud of you...have a whole bunch of fun on your trip; Grandma would just laugh about this.  Put some fabric softener sheets in your suitcase (already did that...two great minds) Go to the mall and pick out a new red suitcase, red was Grandma's favorite color, and it'll be just like it was from be sure to pack cute outfits and everything will be OK."  It was a quick phone call, to the point, and I was all better. 

I lined the inside with garbage bags (hubby's idea cuz he said the bounce would absorb the grease and still get on my clothing) and packed.  I decided my suitcase is not "broken" anymore.  After all, it still pretty much shuts.  And I kinda dig the duct tape, the cracks, the broken-handle-so-I-can't-wheel-it-anymore, all of the strings hanging off of it, and the smell. Off to Colorado!

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