Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Timers don't help

This morning my work partner and I were supposed to attend a training on ADHD for work.  We went.  Well, we went to the beginning.  It was SO boring!  The only thing we "learned" was that one way to diagnose ADHD is that you absolutely "CAN'T" pay attention if you have it; not that you "WON'T" pay attention.  

I absolutely could NOT pay attention, so we bugged out and had a nice lunch.

I came home, took a hike with hubby, took a nap (cuz the fresh mountain air wore me out), and then I decided I had better pick-up the living room.

I set my timer for 15 minutes to clean, and pushed "start".  By the time I reached the living room, I found myself lying on the couch with a piece of fudge in my hand watching Hannah Montana.  

Soon, it dawned on me that my timer was going.  I didn't recall how the fudge got in my sticky little paws or how I could forget I had set the timer-- all within a 10-20 second window.  

I reset the timer, started picking up, and the first thing I found was my strainer I had been looking for a half hour earlier as I was making spaghetti.  It was sitting on the bookshelf.   I knew I had it in my hand when I was cooking...but then it disappeared. 

It was at this point I decided we probably should have stuck with the whole ADHD class. 

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