Friday, January 6, 2012

Just another night.

My husband is out of town tonight. It's Friday night: "Treat night" for the girls. Hubby took my car so I was stuck with his truck. He usually takes the girls to pick out a movie and get treats on Fridays, but I played the role tonight. This girls weren't too sure about this switch up.

"THIS is weird," says my 14 year old. "Do you know HOW to drive Daddy's truck?"

"Just because it's dark out and I'm wearing footie pajamas to Wal Mart doesn't mean I didn't USED to have a red sportscar with 5 on the floor. Don't panic," I said.

My 11 year old: "Mommy, SLOW DOWN. There's a stop sign up there. Daddy's truck doesn't work too well."

As we drove by the immense water tower in the distance, my 11 year old mentions once again how she's always wanted to "touch it."

We parked at Wally World. "Hurry-up girls. I don't want anyone to walk by that I know."
14 year old: "You should have worn sunglasses."

I glance into the rear view mirror. Oops. I had my newly acquired drug store +1 reading glasses on my head. Funny thing is, I didn't even read today. I guess I just thought it really accessorized my "look" I had going: White footie-pajamas with red hearts all over them, along with some MaryJane shoes.

They arrived back to the truck; each with a bag Ghirardelli chocolates in hand. I told them they had to pay tax for me driving them. "Daddy doesn't do that!"
"Do I look like Daddy to you?"
"That's NOT FAIR, Mommy! WE bought them!"
"Alright, have it your way. I'm gonna drive you to the funny farm then and drop you off."
I turned down a long road toward the water tower. They were a bit nervous. I hope I didn't push the envelope and my little stunt wasn't abusive in some way. But oh well. "It's not too far of a walk back home."

I pulled up, much to Signe's surprise, to the water tower. "Alright. Get out and touch it." She has been begging to "touch" this thing for five months!

She was too frightened to get out, "It's too tall..."

I got out with her. I, in my footie jammies with drug store glasses on my head; she, with her bag of chocolates. We held hands and jumped across two muddy little ravine' the dark...and again, need I say... footie pajamas....
She touched it, but wouldn't look up. Again, she said, "IT'S TOO TALL!"

We got back in the truck.
"So. How did that feel, Signe?"
Nope. I'm not Daddy. I'm the momma, and this is how I roll.

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